• Since 1986, LDi Education has served the multinational community in China, expanding to the Middle East in 2010. LDi Education is a division of the LDi family of companies, an organization committed to leadership development, training, and transformation around the world.

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Teach—from the Inside Out


You're a teacher. Qualified. Experienced. Looking for a place to impact the world through your vocation. LDi Education may just be a perfect fit.


In our schools teachers impact their students as a matter of course. Our expectation is that our staff have every chance to see their students' lives changed—from the inside out.


We believe that character development should go hand-in-hand with intellectual growth. This is where transformation—learning from the inside out—happens.


Round trip airfare, insurance, a monthly stipend, housing, language study and professional development opportunities are a few of the benefits we provide our teachers and staff.